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Nefel Education Career Service Program allows you to get people who can elevate and upgrade your workplace providing technical and soft skills to get your company outcomes to the next level.


4 Pillars To Hire From Nefel

IT Languages

You can hire from a variety of profiles Web development, data science, and cybersecurity.

Fluent English

Our alumni are fluent in English to ensure they follow the culture of a company that uses English.

Soft Skills

Get profiles are not only talented in technical skills but also they are Commitment, Adaptability and eager to learn.


Our Alumni are ready to join a company where they are available and open to new opportunities.


The Career Service Program Provides


Hi, I'm


Career Services Manager at Nefel Education, bringing with me a rich background encompassing 5 years of expertise in IT recruitment and talent acquisition. Fueled by an unwavering passion for recruitment and resource management, my primary focus lies in facilitating our students’ journey towards realizing their professional aspirations.
Within the Career Services department, our mission is to empower students to achieve their professional goals and dreams by imparting essential life and professional skills. Our commitment extends beyond conventional support, encompassing elements such as resume development, job prospecting, and interview preparation. At Nefel Education, we go a step further by actively fostering partnerships with high-tech companies, ensuring our students have direct access to valuable industry connections.
Our overarching goal at Nefel Education is to bridge the gap between education and employment. Dedicated to fulfilling this mission, we strive to provide tangible job opportunities to our alumni, thereby creating a robust and dynamic ecosystem where education seamlessly translates into meaningful careers.

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You've Been Struggling With Finding The Right Profiles

Career Service Program opens the door to you to get access to the latest verified profiles that are suitable for your business and your workflow and that will help you save two major things when comes to Recruitment:


We will help you save thousands of hours on researching and testing for candidates by giving you access to profiles that fit specifically to your job requirements and we will schedule and do interview planning.


Instead of paying a recruitment agency a monthly subscription to research to find new candidates, we can provide the same services as recruitment agencies from research to find candidates.


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Career Services Process

Fulfill The Form

Start with finishing a simple form that will provide us what exactly you looking for.

Schedule A Call

The Career Services team will review your application and call you in 24 hours to understand your business.

Get Access

We will share a variety of profiles that are a perfect fit for your business.


Career Services

Nefel Education is confident about the profiles they provide in terms of skills and values that can bring to your company, but if for any reason the Alumni didn’t provide the promising results.

Nefel Education Gives a full guarantee if the profile doesn’t deliver promising results to your company we will get change immediately with new profiles with seamless process.


Still Have Questions, We're Here To Help

Why you should hire our students?
Nefel Education Students have been trained in both Technical skills & Soft skills to meet the requirements of the job market today.
  • Technical and Non-Technical Evaluation.
  • English / French Resume.
  • Presentation Video of the students.
We ask the companies to forward the technical test to us and we will pass it to our students this will save time and ensure that you will get the right profile to your Job description requirements based on that technical test.
Yes, you can organize the Job fair frequently on our campus, where companies come and pass tech and non-tech interviews.
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